About Us

Southern Sahara USA was established in Atlanta Georgia in 1995, as a real estate design and management consultancy. In 2007, the company’s affiliate, Southern Sahara Nigeria Ltd, was incorporated in Abuja Nigeria, to offer unparalleled real estate design, facility management and property brokerage in the country.

With a robust and diverse database of clientele, Southern Sahara has provided Architectural and Urban Planning services to companies such as Carlson Design & Construction (USA), Stephen Fuller Residential Designs (USA), Stanly Love Stanly (USA), Martin Luther King Development Corporation (USA), and Duckett Vandever & Associates (USA). Also provided are Facilities and Property Management services to clients such as Ceddi Plaza, Ceddi Corporation (NIG), Georgia State University (USA), Ivory Bush Resort (NIG) and Sandalwood Properties (USA). Southern Sahara also offered Real Estate Brokerage services as a licensed REALTOR with prestigious American brokers such as Century 21 Real Estate, Solid Source Brokers, Platinum Realties USA and our sister affiliate, Southern Sahara Realties, Atlanta Georgia. Inspired by life south of the Sahara, Southern Sahara Architecture Gallery was conceptualized and established as a Research Center for Design in Atlanta Georgia, to research, celebrate and promote the ingenuity of architecture on the African continent.

Now fully established in Abuja, Southern Sahara is ready to meet your real estate design, management and brokerage needs, serving you with the same integrity and professional acumen that our International clients have enjoyed. Now offered solely in Nigeria, enjoy the privileges of our unique residential planning and design services, engineered to provide architectural Home Plans that are most comfortable and sustainable, aesthetically cultural, yet boast the most technologically advanced construction features! Visit with us, do business with us, and discover infinite opportunities for success with us!  

Welcme!Southern Sahara was founded by Nmadili Okwumabua, whose education and professional background in architecture, town planning and real estate management has established her as an expert in shaping of the built environment. On behalf of our team at Southern Sahara, I look forward to doing great business with you!

Nmadili N. Okwumabua, CEO
Southern Sahara